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Newspapers: Jackson County

Find current events, historical news archives, and North Carolina newspapers, past and present.

Jackson County Newspapers

Jackson County

Tuckaseige Democrat (Sylva) 
        Dec.1, 1888-May 30, 1895; 
        (On reel 2 of Jackson County Journal
        June 6, 1895-Oct. 29, 1896

Herald (Webster) 
        (On reel 2 of Jackson County Journal
        May 5, 1892

Sylva Sentinel (Sylva) 
        (On reel 2 of Jackson County Journal
        March 26, 1897-Dec. 10, 1897

High School Advocate (Sylva) 
        (On reel with Jackson County Journal
        Feb.1, 1899

Jackson County Journal (Sylva) 
        May 4, 1906-Oct.14, 1943; Jan.3, 1913-Dec. 31, 1915; Jan.4, 1918-Dec.19, 1919; Feb.2, 1923-Dec.31, 1942 
        Ceased 1946

Ruralite (Sylva) 
        April 27, 1926-Dec.24, 1935

Continued by:

Sylva Herald and Ruralite (Sylva) 
        Library has current subscription 
        Aug. 4, 1943-Dec. 27, 1984; Jan., 1985--present

Cashiers Chronicle (Cashiers) 
        (On reel with Cashiers Crossroads Chronicle
        May 6, 1981-April 25, 1984

Merged with Cashiers Crossroads Journal to form:

Cashiers Crossroads Chronicle (Cashiers) 
        Library has current subscription 
        May 2, 1984--present

Western Carolinian (Cullowhee) 
        Library has current subscription 
        1933-1936; 1937-1983; 1983-1987; 1988--present