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Scholar Studio

A guide to the resources available in the Scholar Studio.
Oculus Rifts for Checkout
Virtual Reality Room
360° Camera
Button Makers
KIC Scanner
Editing Stations Coming Soon
Recording Booths Coming Soon


This guide is designed to introduce you to the Scholar Studio and give you basic instruction in how to use its resources.

What is the Scholar Studio, anyway?

The Scholar Studio is a sandbox-style space for individual and collaborative study, created to support the production and post-production of scholarly and personal audio and visual content via software, equipment, and research and technical support from library employees.

With the equipment available in the Studio, you can record and edit audio and video, design and print digital graphics, create multimedia materials for presenting your research findings, and collaborate with other scholars both in person and remotely.

The ways that we share information are changing. We created the Scholar Studio to give you the tools you need to flourish in the evolving landscape of scholarship.

Who is it for?

The Scholar Studio was created to aid the scholarly and personal pursuits of members of the Western Carolina University community. Many of the resources require a current, valid WCU account.

How do I use it?

For basic instructions on how to use any of the equipment in the Scholar Studio, just click its name in the navigation sidebar or its image in the revolving banner at the top of the page.

For more help and for in-depth assistance on projects, please contact the Scholar Studio Specialist, Lucretia Bell, at or 828-227-3420.


In the Scholar Studio right now

We currently have these machines available to use:

Materials (laminating film, button blanks) are available for a small fee. We also have some office supplies available for free use (stapler, hole punch, etc.).

Coming Fall 2018

In addition, a variety of related items will be available for check-out, including high-quality headphones and large capacity thumb-drives.

"What will you create?" banner image is a derivative of "wocintech stock - 234"  by #WOCinTech Chat, used under Creative Commons (Attribution).