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English 101 - Cory: Find & Research an Issue

Getting Started

For your assignment, you'll select an arguable topic in your chosen career field and research the conversation surrounding that issue. You will need to locate 6 credible sources on your topic. This guide will walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Select an Arguable Issue

You may want to search the library's resources arguable issues. The library provides you with pre-paid access to several collections of credible and scholarly articles.

Step 2: Find Articles on Your Issue

Once you've identified a topic, you need to find six or more credible sources. The library pre-pays for thousands of articles and books.

You can search an interdisciplinary collection of articles and e-books using this first search box (EBSCOHost), or search a collection which focuses specifically on your discipline using the second search box.

Limit Your Results

Find articles, statistics, laws, financials, etc. in databases - organized by subject


Step 3: Find Books on Your Issue or Field

The library's book collection is another solid place to find resources. Look for items marked "ebook" or "internet resource" if you are off campus and cannot come to the library to check out a print book.

Video How-tos

Scholarship as Conversation

Consensus on major issues in all fields can change regularly. As you begin your research, think of all the research on the topic you choose as a conversation. You, as you become a scholar in that field, will join the conversation.

Find Great Sources by Picking Great Search Terms