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Data Management Plans

Get started with DMP Tool

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Sign in" in the top right corner
  3. Select Option 1
  4. Select Western Carolina University as your institution
  5. Log in using your WCU username and email password
  6. Click "Create new DMP" and select a template for your funding agency
  7. Follow the guidelines and hit "Submit" when you're finished for librarian review.


Follow the funders guidelines!

Your data management plan should be tailored to the funder's guidelines. This information can be found in the "Instructions" tab of each section of the template.

DMP Details


DMP Checklist

Use these questions to guide you as you develop your project and write your data management plan.

Project Information

  • What is the date-range of data collection?
  • What is the focus of the research associated with the data being submitted?


  • Are there requirements regarding this data as stipulated by the funding or partner organization(s)?
  • Are there any institutional or research group guidelines regarding this data?
  • Are there any additional requirements associated with the data being submitted?

Legal Guidelines and Requirements

  • Will the study collect any sensitive data?
  • Will data scrubbing be required to remove any such sensitive data?
  • Are there any copyright or licensing issues associated with the data being submitted?

Access, Sharing and Re-use of Data

  • Are you aware of any reasons which might prohibit the sharing and re-use of the data being submitted?
  • Are you required to make this data available?
  • When will the data being submitted be made available?
  • Will any restrictions or permissions be required for accessing the data?
  • Have findings been published based on this data?
  • If not, will findings be published? Please provide the estimated date of publication.
  • Is there an agreement regarding the right of the original data collector, creator or principal investigator to first use of the data?
  • Are there any embargo periods associated with the data being submitted?

Data Standards and Capture

  • How were the associated data types created or captured?
  • Which file formats were used? Are they open or proprietary? 
  • Are there any issues you are aware of regarding the effects or limitations of these formats regarding the data being submitted?


  • What metadata has been created for the data being submitted?
  • How was the associated metadata created or captured?
  • Which file formats were used for the associated metadata?
  • Were specific standards applied during the creation of the metadata?
  • If so, which metadata standards were used and why?

Storage, Preservation and Management of Data

  • Provide the specific storage volume of the data being submitted.
  • Where is the data currently being physically stored?
  • What media/format(s) is being use for data storage?
  • Who is currently responsible for storage and maintenance of the data?
  • Is a long-term strategy currently being implemented for the maintenance, curation and archiving of the data?

Data Back-Up

  • How regularly is the data backed up at present?
  • Who is currently responsible for backing up data?


  • What are the access arrangements and data security management?
  • What are the mechanisms in place for enforcement of permissions, restrictions and/or embargoes?
  • Is there any policy currently in place to ensure the proper disposal or transfer of any sensitive data?
  • Are there any other security issues?

Review and Long-Term Management of Data

  • Are there any specific financial considerations which might impact the long-term management of the data?
  • How will this DMP be reviewed in order to ensure and demonstrate compliance?
  • At what interval will this DMP be reviewed?
  • Who will be responsible for the review(s)?

This list was modified from the Odum Institute's Data Management Plan Checklist.