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Science Curriculum Guides: Curriculum Materials

Where's My Book?

Curriculum Materials Center
Image - At Hunter Library Where Good Teachers Grow 
I'm in the Library, where's my book?
The Curriculum Materials Center is located on the upper mezzanine in Hunter Library.  Just push the elevator button for the CMC. The collection includes North Carolina state-adopted textbooks in the subject areas and grade levels aligned with WCU's teacher certification programs of study.

Curriculum materials and textbooks are organized by subject code.  

S                Science
S-A             Anatomy
S-AG           Agriculture
S-B             Biology
S-C             Chemistry
S-E             Earth Science   

Recommended Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Guides

AIMS Activity Guides

Bats Incredible WCU CMC S AIS ba 1993 Grade 2-4
What on Earth?    WCU CMC S AIS wh 2011 Grade K-1   
Exploring Environments    WCU CMC S AIS ex 2007 Grade K-6
Machine Shop WCU CMC S AIS ma 2007 Grade 5-9
Earth Rocks! WCU CMC S AIS er 2012 Grade 4-5
Electrical Connections WCU CMC S AIS el 2011 Grade 4-6

Primarily Weather

WCU CMC S AIS pr 2011 Grade K-3
Primarily Physics : Investigations in sound, light and heat energy WCU CMC S AIS pr 2010 Grade K-2
Sense-able Science WCU CMC S AIS se 2010 Grade K-1  
Under Construction WCU CMC S AIS un 2010 Grade K-2
The Budding Botanist : Investigations with Plants WCU CMC S AIS bu 2009 Grade 3-6  
Magnificent Microworld Adventures WCU CMC S AIS ma 2009 Grade 6-9
Primarily Magnets WCU CMC S AIS pr 2008 Grade K-2  
Probing Space WCU CMC S AIS pr 2012 Grade 3-5  
It must be a Bird WCU CMC S AIS it 2004 Grade Pre-K-2
Popping with Power WCU CMC S AIS po 2004 Grade 3-5

Winter Wonders

WCU CMC S AIS wi 2004 Grade 1-2  
Out of this World WCU CMC S AIS ou 2011 Grade 4-8
Cycles of Knowing and Growing WCU CMC S AIS cy 1998 Grade 1-3
The Sky's the Limit! With Math and Science WCU CMC S AIS sk 1994 Grade 5-9
Field Detectives WCU CMC S AIS fi 2012 Grade 3-6
Earth Explorations WCU CMC S AIS ee 2012 Grade 2-3
Earth, Moon, and Sun WCU CMC S AIS ea 2012 Grade 3-5
Chemistry Matters WCU CMC S AIS ch 2012 Grade 5-8
Primarily Critters WCU CMC S AIS pr 2012 Grade K-2  
Concerning Critters : Adaptations & Interdependence WCU CMC S AIS cn 2012 Grade 3-5
Concerning Critters : Observations & Classification WCU CMC S AIS co 2012 Grade 3-5
Simply Machines WCU CMC S AIS si 2011 Grade 3-5  
Earth Book : Hydrosphere, Geosphere, Atmosphere, and their Interactions WCU CMC S AIS ea 2011 Grade 6-9
Energy Explorations : Sound, Light, and Heat WCU CMC S AIS en 2010 Grade 3-5  
From Head to Toe WCU CMC S AIS fr 2010 Grade 5-9
Water, Precious Water WCU CMC S AIS wa 2009 Grade 4-6
Mostly Magnets WCU CMC S AIS mo 2008 Grade 3-6  
Weather Sense : Moisture WCU CMC S AIS we 2008 Grade 4-5
Sensational Springtime WCU CMC S AIS se 2007 Grade K-2  
Gravity Rules! WCU CMC S AIS gr 1998 Grade 5-12 
Ray's Reflections WCU CMC S AIS ra 2007 Grade 4-8  
Jaw Breakers and Heart Thumpers WCU CMC S AIS ja 2006 Grade 3-5
Primarily Plants WCU CMC S AIS pr 2005 Grade K-3  
Floaters and Sinkers WCU CMC S AIS fl 2004 Grade 5-9
Weather Sense : Temperature, Air Pressure, and Wind WCU CMC S AIS we 2002 Grade 4-5
Glide into Winter with Math and Science WCU CMC S AIS gl 1987 Grade K-1  
Fall into Math and Science WCU CMC S AIS fa 1987 Grade K-1
Spring into Math and Science WCU CMC S AIS sp 1987 Grade K-1

Atlas of Science Literacy
Call Number: WCU CMC REF Q183.3.A1 A788 2001
This new educational tool from AAAS's Project 2061 graphically depicts connections among the learning goals established in Benchmarks for Science Literacy and Science for All Americans. The Atlas is a collection of 50 linked maps that show exactly how students from kindergarten through 12th grade can expand their understanding and skills toward specific science-literacy goals

Science and Technology for Children:  Teacher's Guides
National Science Resources Center, Smithsonian Institution/The National Academy of Sciences

Solids and Liquids WCU CMC S NSR sl-t 2002
Weather WCU CMC S NSR we-t 2002
The Technology of Paper WCU CMC S NSR te-t 1997
Sound WCU CMC S NSR so-t 2002
Soils WCU CMC S NSR si-t 2002
Rocks and Minerals WCU CMC S NSR ro-t 2002
Plant Growth and Development WCU CMC S NSR pl-t 2002
Organisms WCU CMC S NSR or-t 2002
Comparing and measuring WCU CMC S NSR co-t 2002
The life cycle of butterflies WCU CMC S NSR li-t 2002
Air and Weather WCU CMC S NSR fo-1t.3 2002
Changes WCU CMC S NSR ca-t 2002
Animal studies WCU CMC S NSR an-t 2002
Food chemistry WCU CMC S NSR fo-t 2002
Land and water WCU CMC S NSR la-t 2002
Motion and design WCU CMC S NSR mo-t 2002
Ecosystems WCU CMC S NSR ed-t 2002

Full Option Science System (FOSS): Teacher's Guides
developed at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley

Click here for streaming access to teacher preparation videos.

Animals two by two WCU CMC S DEL fo-kt.1 2005
Air and weather WCU CMC S DEL fo-1t 2005
Wood and paper  WCU CMC S DEL fo-kt.3 2005
Pebbles, sand, and silt  WCU CMC S DEL fo-1t.4 2005
Air and weather WCU CMC S DEL fo-1t.4 2005
Balance and motion WCU CMC S DEL fo-1t.5 2005
Magnetism and electricity WCU CMC S DEL fo-2t.4 2005
Landforms WCU CMC S DEL fo-5t.3 2005

Biological Science Curriculum Study (BSCS): Science Tracks Teacher's Guides
Kendall-Hunt Publishing

Investigating objects in the sky WCU CMC S KEN ch-3.3t 1999
Investigating weather systems WCU CMC S KEN ch-5.3t 1999
Picture Perfect Science Lessons
Call Number: WCU CMC PRO Q181 .A66 2005
Intended for elementary school teachers, this resource provides 15 lesson plans for incorporating picture books into the science curriculum and encouraging students to explore objects and organisms, observe relationships and patterns in the world, and pursue further investigation. Material lists, suggested activities, and student hand-outs are provided for each lesson.
More Picture Perfect Science Lessons
Call Number: WCU CMC PRO Q181 .K248 2005
The sequel follows the winning formula that made the first book an NSTA bestseller. The lessons, following the 5E instructional model developed by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study cover a wide variety of science content; physical science, life science, and Earth and Space Science. They include reproducible student pages and assessments. They feature embedded reading-comprehension strategies.
Uncovering Student Ideas in Science
Call Number:  WCU CMC PRO Q181 .K248 2005
A four volume set of formative assessment probes.
45 New Force and Motion Assessment Probes
Call Number:  WCU CMC PRO QC73.6 .K44 2010