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English 202: Podcast Assignment (Miller): Home


Citing Sources in Your Podcast

Janene Davison. (2015). Orally Citing a Source in a Speech. Retrieved from

Help with Recording

If you need help with recording your podcast or having technical questions about audacity or other software, contact Lucretia Bell ( Lucretia can suggest different types of software and help you troubleshoot as you record, edit, and upload your podcast.

Free Music Sources

Citing Creative Commons Music Sources

To create a citation for a source with a Creative Commons (CC) license, you need a few pieces of information--

1. Title of the source you are using.

2. Author of the source. This can be someone's real name or their username from the platform you retrieved the source.

3. Source of the item you are citing. You will use the URL to create a link with the title.

4. Creative Commons License. Every item that contains a CC license will display the specific license they've chosen for their item.

Example: I found a piece of music to use for my podcast. The piece I'm using comes from Free Music Archive (FMA):

Title: Kleptonic Swing

Author: Tri-Tachyon - Artist Link:

Source: FMA - Link:

CC License: CC BY-NC - Link to License on CC:

Full CC citation:

"Kleptonic Swing" by Tri-Tachyon is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

How to Find Trade Publications

Trade publications are non-scholarly sources that are written for people in a particular industry. They can be valuable sources for looking at what current issues and trends are in a particular field. If you are a professional in the music industry you might be interested in Billboard Magazine. If you are in the Public Relations field you might keep up with the industry in PR News. There are trade journals for most fields and some may have more than one. Here are some tips for searching for trade journals:

1. When searching in one of the library's databases, you should see a filter option on the left for 'publication type'. If your search terms give you results that are in trade magazines, you should see the option to limit by that publication type.

2. Not sure where to start with your search terms? Try the industry you are interested in researching (hospitality, publishing, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and adding words like 'trends' and 'issues'.

Library Resources by Subject Area

Feel free to use the library's One Search box on the main page to search for your resources for this project. I want give you some additional options if you want to do your searching in your general subject area. To see all of the databases we have, by subject, click on the articles/databases link on the main page and then use the drop down menu to pick a database.

Search for Books

Books are also a great source of broad information on a particular area of study. They often offer excellent background information and may give you ideas about themes or talking points you may want to cover in your podcast. The library has a great selection of both print and eBooks in our collection.