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Political Science 230: Home

This is the course guide for Political Analysis 230

Places to look for research articles (and more!)

Using Google Scholar (effectively & wisely)

Important things to know about using Google Scholar:

  1. Use the Advanced Search feature for a more focused results list.
  2. Stick with keywords and not full sentences or questions.
  3. Understand that you may hit paywalls both on and off campus. But it may be more likely off campus.
  4. Enable linking to WCU's resources.  Do this by going to the Settings men and setting your Library Links to Western Carolina University - FullText@WesternCarolinaU.
  5. No vetting of resources.

Searching within a journal: 2 methods

Method 1:  Using the "Journals" search box on Hunter Library's main page or below. 

Method 2:  Doing the whole Google thing.

Peer Review in brief.

Basically:  Experts reviewing other experts.  Think of it as a form of quality control.

Blind peer review:  No one knows who is who.

Editorial review:  Editor(s) get to decide.


Clues:  Authors, affiliations, citations (2 types:  in text and footnotes/citation list).

Definitive:  Journal information from publisher, journal information in databases, Ulrich's.