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Role Playing Games: Role Playing Games

D&D Core and Suplement Books

Starter Sets

Everything you need to get started on a short adventure. All sets include character sheets, one set of dice, basic rules, and adventure book.

D&D Adventures and Campaigns

Call of Cthulhu

Monster of the Week

Other Tabletop Games

Enhance Your Game with Scholar Studio Resources


  • Make custom minis from paper, chipboard, and balsa wood.
  • Cut out paper items, like spell reference cards, in bulk.
  • Make modular dungeon/map tiles with chipboard or balsa wood.
  • Keep your dice, minis, and other gear organized with custom-sized boxes, inserts, and dividers.
  • Cut fabric patterns for no-sew dice bags.
  • Use transparent plastic to make area of effect templates.

Recording Booths

  • Play online or stream your game session in a private, quiet space.

KIC Scanner

  • Scan reference material like stat blocks, pre-made character sheets, and maps from published sourcebooks and adventures (make sure your planned use won't violate copyright.)

Button Maker

  • Use 1" button blanks to make tokens.
  • Create a custom initiative tracker with 1” magnets.
  • Cut out card-stock tokens or token bases with the 1" circle punch.


  • Laminate battle maps, grid paper, or modular dungeon tiles so you can write on them with dry/wet erase markers.
  • Keep paper minis, cheat sheets, and even character sheets safe from tears and spills.