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System Requirements

Playback of movies on a computer occurs in a web browser. Due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) requirements, the requirements vary between browsers and computer systems. Please use the charts below to see the supported browsers and requirements.

Microsoft Windows

Digital Campus only supports operating systems and browsers that are currently supported by Microsoft. The current list of supported Microsoft operating systems can be found here. In addition, Microsoft only supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer released for each Windows Desktop Operating System. The current list of supported IE versions can be found here. Digital Campus only supports the latest versions (not pre-release) of Google Chrome and Firefox available for the operating system.

Browser Operating System Supported?
Latest Chrome All Supported Yes
Latest Firefox All Supported Yes (v.47+)
Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Coming Soon
Internet Explorer 64 bit All Supported Coming Soon
Internet Explorer 32 bit All Supported Yes (Flash and Google Widevine Optimizer required)

Apple Mac

Digital Campus only supports operating systems and browsers currently supported by Apple. The current support is for the current version of Mac OS X, plus the 2 previous versions. Digital Campus only supports the latest versions (not pre-release) of Google Chrome and Firefox available for the operating system.

Browser Operating System Supported?
Latest Chrome All Supported Yes
Latest Firefox All Supported Yes (v.47+)
Safari macOS Sierra No
Safari El Capitan and older operating systems Yes (Flash and Google Widevine Optimizer required)



Digital Campus is supported on a Chromebook.


What are the requirements for playing movies on a mobile device?

To play content on your mobile device, download the video player by searching for "Swank Media Player" in Apple iTunes or Google Play Store. An Android app is required on Android, and an iOS app is required on iOS.

OS Browser Supported?
iOS8 Safari Yes
Android 4.2 Stock Browser Yes
Android 3.x+ Chrome Yes


Flash & Google Widevine Optimizer

Some browsers require Adobe Flash and the Google Widevine Optimizer. Depending on the security settings and your school policies, you may choose to pre-install these requirements on campus owned devices.

Currently for Internet Explorer and Safari the following are required:

Software Location
Adobe Flash
Google Widevine Optimizer


Swank FAQ

Q: How do I find what movies are available through Swank?

A: You can start with the library's catalog to see if we've already licensed the title you want. If you don't see a streaming option in the catalog you can search the Swank Digital Campus site to see if they offer the title you need.

Q: How do I request the purchase of a streaming film from Swank?

A: Fill out our streaming video request form, making sure to include the information about the film and the course number/name in which you'll be requiring the film.

Q: The login site requires a username and password. Where do I find this information?

A: [WCU Library site...]

Q: The movie pages are not working on my PC running Windows XP. How can I resolve this?

A: Windows XP is not supported. Please upgrade to a newer version of Windows. 

Q: The movie is buffering/freezing during playback. How do I resolve this?

A: This problem may be due to a poor network connection. Replay the movie using a different browser or different computer to see if the playback quality improves.

Q: The movie I’m watching stops in the middle of playback or appears to be incomplete. How can I resolve this?

A: There are a number of possible reasons for this issue, all of which require support assistance. Please report the issue to (Whitney's info).  The campus administrator of the Digital Campus system will be able to work with our support team to resolve the issue.

Q: How do I access closed captions?

A: In web-based platforms, sub-titles are utilized in the same way that closed caption files were available on DVD players. Many of the titles in Digital Campus have English sub-titles with audio cues. To access, click the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video player.

Q: How do I cast to my tv?

A: Google Chromecast is supported for casting content to your tv or any device that has an HDMI input.  In order to cast content you must be using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on a Mac or Windows machine.  Please visit Google's support pages at the link below for information on setting up your chromecast device. (Google Chromecast support and setup)

Q: I do not see any answers that address my problem. What should I do?

A: We apologize that you were unable to get an answer from this Help page. Please contact (Whitney's info) for assistance.