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Art + Design

Information and Resources for those working in Art History, Studio Art, Graphic Design, & Interior Design

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From here you can search for books, ebooks, DVDs, streaming video, and music at Hunter Library.

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Books about Art & Artists

  • N - Visual Arts
  • NA - Architecture
  • NB - Sculpture
  • NC - Drawing, Design, Illustration
  • ND - Painting
  • NE - Print Making, Engraving, etc.
  • NK - Interior Design, Furniture, Ceramics, Textiles, etc.
  • TR - Photography

Technical Books for Making Art

  • TP - Ceramics, Glass, Cement, Textile Dying/Printing, Paints & Pigments, Varnishes
  • TR - Photography
  • TS - Metal Manufacturing, Metalwork, Stonework, Wood Technology, Leather Industry, Paper Manufacture, Textile Industry
  • TT - Woodworking, Furniture Making, Wood Finishing, Dressmaking, Tailoring/Sewing
  • Z - Graphic Design, Typography, Printing, Bookbinding

Types of Art Books

When searching for books you may see terms used to describe certain types of books related to Art. Here are some definitions to help:

Artist Monographs

  • Are books about or by artists
  • Provide in-depth writings that analyze and/or offer context for the artist's work
  • In the Library Catalog try a subject search using "criticism and interpretation"
  • If you want to use a keyword search, try "analysis or criticism"


  • Are useful lists of important research resources and often include an annotation with critical descriptions.
  • Bibliographies cover the literature over a longer period, providing in-depth research that can lead to other resources. 
  • Some bibliographies explain research strategies and methodologies
  • In the Library Catalog try a keyword search using " art and bibliographies"

Catalogues Raisonnes

  • Offer a complete study of an artist's entire body of work, usually focusing on one medium
  • Provide images for each piece described with date of creation, medium, dimensions and history
  • In the Library Catalog, try a keyword search with "catalogues raisonne" and "name of the artist"

Exhibition Catalogs

  • Document museum and gallery shows
  • Best sources for high-quality images
  • In geneal they include information about the museum, artists, curatorial essays, interviews.
  • In the Library Catalog try a subject search using "exhibitions"
  • If you want to look for a specific catalog from a museum/gallery, search by the name of the museum/gallery (they are often listed as the publishers)