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Libguides Integration: Home

How to integrate library research guides into your Canvas courses

Libguides, or research guides, is a content management tool used by the library to publish content or course specific guides.  These guides are useful for students looking for resources for an assignment, course or subject.

These guides can now be embedded in Canvas.  There is an extensive list of guides for subjects, courses and other resources.  You can also contact one of our subject liaisons if you have any questions.


1. Navigate to Courses -> Modules.  Click on the plus sign to add an item to a module.

2. From the Dropdown menu, select External Tool.

3. Select "Libguides Course," then click "Add Item."

4. For "Libguides Site," click on "Research Guides."

5. Look under "Content Type"

6. The dropdown menu provides a list of guides to choose from

7. Under "Content Type" you can choose which part of the Libguide you wish to embed.

8. After selecting the Content Type, check the "Load in new tab" box (this will ensure the content displays correctly).  Then click the "Add Item" button.

9. To publish the Libguide content, click on the 🚫.  This should change it to a green check mark, indicating the content is published.