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Copyright Resources

What copyright services does Hunter Library offer?

Consult on use of copyrighted materials

Do you have questions about using copyrighted materials in a face-to-face classroom, on Canvas, or in your research? We can help conduct a fair use analysis or walk you through requesting reuse permissions from copyright holders.

Investigate copyright status

Are you unsure whether a work is protected by copyright? We can help evaluate its copyright status. We can also help locate materials that have entered the public domain or that have a Creative Commons license.

Amend publisher contracts

Would you like to negotiate copyright retention with your publisher? We can help draft an amendment to your contract that stipulates the copyrights to which you shall retain ownership.

Lead workshops

Would you like to learn more about a copyright-related topic? We offer workshops on copyright permissions, Creative Commons licensing, and more.

What is outside Hunter Library's scope?

Provide legal advice

Copyright guidance given by librarians at Hunter Library is informed opinion. We are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice.

Consult on non-US copyright laws

We can provide guidance on matters related to United States copyright law. We are not well-versed in equivalent laws in other countries.