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Engineering 199: Engineering Practices and Principles 1: Home

Product Discovery

The following sources can help you determine:

  • What your product is
  • Who makes your product (or similar)
  • How your product is made

Product Discovery: Questions to Consider

Questions to ask as you search for information:

  • How many different words might describe my product?  Ex.: purifier or filter or cleanser
  • How many different variations of this product might exist?  Ex.: UV water purifier, biosand filtration system
  • What are some existing product names that I can use to search for similar products?
  • Who are the main manufacturers or suppliers of this type of product?
  • How does the science or technology behind this product work?
  • What government regulations might exist for this type of product? 

Market and Consumer Discovery

Who are your consumers and what do they want?

Questions to ask as you consider your consumer:

  • Is my target consumer local, regional, or global?
  • Is my target consumer individuals or entities?
  • What is the culture of my target consumer and how does that affect product expectations? Ex. Imperial vs. metric units
  • Will my target consumer want many options or few options?
  • What resources (and how much of them) will my target consumer have? Ex. Money, technological skills, education