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Gazetteers: United States and International

We have many gazetteers (books of place-names) here at Hunter Library. The largest collection - in our maps section - is excellent for historical research. Ask us for help browsing it or search in our catalog using the keyword "gazetteer."

The list of resources below are well-known gazetteers or gazetteer-like resources that are recommended for starting place-name research.

Atlases: NC, US, and International

Atlases are collections of maps; often bound together by topic or region (or both!). Atlases include maps that visually represent topics such as cultures and languages, environmental changes and trends, economic and business topics, religion, among many other topics. 

Hunter Library has a large selection of atlases both in print and online. As with gazetteers, you can browse- ask us for help- or search our catalog using the keyword "atlas."