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Hunter Library
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Western Carolina University

Legal History: Law Sets in Hunter Library

A guide to researching United States and North Carolina Legal History

Table of law reporters in Hunter Library

This table lists the law reporters available in print in Hunter Library.

ALR Fed   American Law Reports Federal   REF KF 105 .A54  
ALR 2d   American Law Reports, 2nd Series   REF KF 132 .A52  
ALR 3d   American Law Reports, 3rd Series   REF KF 132 .A54  
ALR 4th   American Law Reports, 4th Series   REF KF 132 .A542  
ALR 5th   American Law Reports, 5th Series   REF KF 132 .A543  
Am Jr 2d   American Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition   REF KF 154 .A42  
CFR   Code of Federal Regulations   REF GOVT AE2.106/3:  
EdLaw   West's Education Law Reporter   REF KF 4114 .W4  
F.2d   Federal Reporter, 2nd Series   REF KF 105 .F42 2d ser  
F.3d   Federal Reporter, 3rd Series   REF KF 105 .F42 3d ser  
FPD 2d   West's Federal Practice Digest, 2nd Series   REF KF 127. W48  
FPD 3d   West's Federal Practice Digest, 3rd Series   REF KF 127. W481  
FPD 4th   West's Federal Practice Digest, 4th Series   REF KF 127. W482  
F.Supp   Federal Supplement   REF KF 105 .F43  
F.Supp 2d   Federal Supplement, 2nd Series   REF KF 105 .F43  
G.S.   General Statues of North Carolina   REF KFN 7430 .A2 1949  
NC   North Carolina Reports   REF KFN 7445 .N6  
NCD 2d   North Carolina Digest, 2nd   REF KFN 7457 .W4 1990  
NC App.   North Carolina Court of Appeals Reports   REF KFN 7448 .A2  
NC Gen. Stat.   General Statutes of North Carolina   REF KFN 7430 .A2 1949  
NC Index 4th   Strong's North Carolina Index, 4th ed.   REF KFN 7449 .S82 1989  
NC Session Laws   North Carolina Session Laws and Resolutions   REF KFN 7425 .N6  
N.C.A.C.   North Carolina Administrative Code   Michie's NC Law on Disc  
N.C.A.G.   North Carolina Attorney General Reports   REF STATE M 1 1:  
N.C.L.Rev.   North Carolina Law Review   Periodical  
P.L.    Public Law (US Statutes at Large)   REF KF 50 .U54  
STAT   United States Statutes at Large   REF KF 50.U54  
T.C.   US Tax Court Reports   REF KF 6324 .A513  
US   United States Reports   REF KF 101 .U58  
U.S.C.S.   United States Code Service   REF KF 62 1972 .L38