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Library Instruction & Information Literacy: Assessment

Information about Hunter Library's instruction program.

English 101/202 Goals

WRCS (ENGL 101/202) Goals

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  1. Identify ways to obtain research assistance, while in the library or at a remote location.
  2. Identify various types of information such as books and articles.
  3. Develop basic criteria and use that criteria for evaluating sources, both for academic research and everyday information needs.
  4. Locate a variety of sources relevant to their topic.
  5. Locate a book in the library catalog, check it out, and understand related circulation policies

Additional Instruction Topics (if it fits the assignment):

A. Library borrowing services (ABC Express and/or Interlibrary Loan)

B. Basic search strategies (AND, quotations, using database limiting features or subject links)