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Library Instruction & Information Literacy: HL 186 Classroom Policy

Information about Hunter Library's instruction program.


Library Hunter 186 Classroom Policies and Procedures


Hunter Library 186 is the library's primary instruction space. In order to support its information literacy program, the library designed this classroom as an active learning space and to that end, received grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the federal Library Services and Technology Act as administrated by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources. The Library provides instruction for more than 330 classes (or 7,500 students) per year. The structure and schedule of each course dictates the demand for library instruction. This means that instruction sessions are given throughout the semesters and during all time slots that courses are offered. The library must be able to respond to requests to provide instruction for a course, often with only a 1 – 2 week notice.

The Library does make its classroom available to other university faculty and staff on an ad hoc basis for university-related purposes. But in order to ensure that the classroom is available for library instruction when needed, the classroom cannot be reserved by non-library faculty and staff on a recurring basis. (See Scheduling Policy below).


The classroom is equipped with 24 student laptops, a laptop cart, and one teacher laptop, with an overhead HDMI projector for displaying materials from laptop. There are also room speakers, a DVD player, and a document camera. Please note that the laptops are stored in a laptop cart it can take up to 30 minutes to set up and around 30 minutes to return the laptops to storage.

Scheduling Policy

The scheduling priorities for use of the library’s classroom are:

  1. Library instruction of students
  2. University classes in need of library resources
  3. Library staff training and development
  4. University instruction that includes media or computer presentations or active computer use by participants.

When classes are in session, the classroom is scheduled on a class period basis (e.g. 1 ½ hr on Tues & Thurs) rather than on an hourly basis.

For academic classes not involving library staff, the classroom may be scheduled for no more than 2 times per class section during a semester and these sessions cannot be back to back. The 2 times per semester rule may be waived when a faculty member requests the classroom one week or less in advance of the class.

University staff who request the classroom for uses other than academic classes (staff development, student workshops, etc.) may book HL186 for no more than 2 sessions per semester that meet in a particular time slot. These 2 sessions may not be back to back. Since the purpose of the 2-times-per-semester rule is to make the classroom available for the most common class meeting times (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.), Hunter Library may also request that such use be spread over the 8 - 5 workday.

The 2-times-per-semester rule may be waived when the request is made one week or less in advance. It may also be waived when classes are not in session (e.g., breaks, intersessions). Instructors and staff unfamiliar with the operation of the classroom should contact the Library Systems Office (ext. 7109) to schedule an orientation session on using the room in advance of when they need the classroom for their class.


Requests for booking HL 186 will be made using 25Live.

25Live Calendar for HL186

The Hunter Library Administrative Office (Carol Hicks) will approve requests. Representatives from the Research & Instruction Services Department, Heidi Buchanan will approve requests from librarians and will serve as the backup when Carol Hicks is unavailable, and will assist Carol with policy interpretation.

All uses of the classroom are to be scheduled through 25Live. Anyone using the classroom without having it scheduled may be asked to leave. Keys to the classroom are available at the Circulation Desk. Desk staff will check the HL 186 room schedule before giving out key.

Rules for using the Library Classroom (posted in classroom)

  • Instructor must accompany students
  • Lock the door when you leave
  • Shut down all equipment, including the projector and laptops. Return laptops to the to the laptop cart at end of class and make sure they are plugged in correctly.
  • Turn off the lights
  • Leave no trace — return furniture to where it belongs, clean up trash, etc.

Technical Support

Hunter Library's Systems Librarian is responsible for loading new software at library faculty's request. The Systems Librarian will review the requirements for loading the software and determine its impact on the classroom configuration. The Library retains the right to refuse to load software in the classroom if it is deemed to potentially interfere with the use of the classroom. It is suggested that instructors have software mounted on the University’s server instead. At least two weeks’ notice is required to install additional software and have faculty test the software. The requesting instructor must show proof of license for number of copies to be installed in the classroom. The Systems Librarian is responsible for establishing and maintaining the default settings and security. At least two weeks’ notice is required if these settings need to be changed for a class. The Library Systems Office (227-7109) is the first contact for technical/equipment problems. If Systems Office staff are not available, the instructor should call Information Technology’s Help Desk (227-7487).