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Hunter Library
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US Maps General

Hunter Library has both theme (subject) maps and topographic (topo) maps of the United States. 

  • Topo maps for all 50 states are shelved alphabetically by state name and then alphabetically by quadrant.  These maps are located on the wooden shelving in the maps area. 
  • Theme maps are both current and historic; located in the metal cases in the maps area.

Online Map Sources: Current & Historic Maps

USGS Series Maps

Hunter Library has many maps that were issued as part of the below USGS maps series.  These maps are shelved in manila envelopes on the tall wooden shelving in the Hunter Library maps area. 

  • Antarctic Geologic Map (A)
  • Circum-Pacific Map (CP)
  • Coal Investigations (COAL/C-) Map
  • Folios of the Geologic Atlas (GF)
  • Geologic Quadrangle (GQ) Map
  • Geophysical Investigations (GP) Map
  • Hydrologic Investigations Atlas (HA)
  • Land Use and Land Cover (L) Map
  • Mineral Investigations Resource (MR) Map
  • Miscellaneous Field Studies (MF) Map
  • Miscellaneous Investigations/ Geologic Investigations (I) Series
  • Missouri Basin Study (MB)
  • Oil and Gas Investigations (OC) Chart
  • Oil and Gas Investigations (OM) Map
  • Scientific Investigations Map (SIM)
  • Water-Resources Investigations Report (WRIR/WRI)