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Middle Ages: Home

Guide to Researching Medieval History and Literature

This guide will help you find the best resources for researching the Middle Ages and Medieval literature.

Encyclopedias and Background Info

Selected Journals 


Online Texts and Primary Sources

Secondary Sources/Literary Criticism



Browse Books


Encyclopedias & Background Info


Browse a relevant journal to get topic ideas and to get an idea of the recent scholarly conversation. The following is a selection of full text journals for topics in the Middle Ages/Medieval Literature: 

Images from the British Library via Flickr Commons.

Online Texts/Primary Sources

How to Find Primary Sources in the Library Catalog

Search Tips:

For non-Western topics, it may be helpful to search a particular country, dynasty, or empire as a keyword.

The word Sources, when it appears in as part of the subject heading, indicates a collection of primary sources.

Browse here:  Middle Ages -- Sources or do a keyword for your topic and  sources.