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African American History

Find background information, books, scholarly journal articles, and primary sources for African American History

Primary Source Collections

Example of Primary Source Collection: 


There are many primary source collections that have been digitized by libraries, archives, and museums around the world.  You can often find them with a Google search. Here are some examples:

Newspapers & Periodicals

The purpose of early African-American journalism was " 1) to define the identity of a people who had been stripped of their own culture in a hostile environment; 2) to create a sense of unity by establishing a network of communication among literate blacks and their white supporters throughout the country; 3) to examine issues from a black perspective; 4) to chronicle black achievements that were ignored by the American mainstream; and 5) to further the cause of black liberation" (Garland, 2006. "Journalism." Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, p. 1203). 



Magazines -- great for cultural topics (fashion, beauty, music, sports, food)

Other Resources