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Get Published!

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Task 1: Explore Publication Venues

Choose a possible outlet for your work:

Find a journal

Option 1: The Directory Method

Embedded video. Flash is required.


Option 2: The Database Method

Another option is to look for the scholarly conversations about your topic. To do that, search your topic in an interdisciplinary database. When you find some journals that are covering your subject area, use Google to find the journal's home page and instructions for authors.

Option 3: Find Calls for Papers

     The conference/conference proceedings section on this guide gives tips for finding relevant calls for papers.

Find a book publisher

Option 1: Look through Your Favorite Journals

The book reviews and oft-ignored "books received" lists that appear in most journals will give you a list of potential book publishers. Here's an example of a books received list

Option 2: The Database (Library Catalog) Method


Option 3: Browse a Directory

Find a conference

Option 1: Google It!

For calls for papers and proposals, good old Google is probably your best bet; it should pick up most public announcements, often including professional organizations.  Type in your subject area or your discipline along with calls for papers or calls for proposals.

Example search: biology and calls for papers or calls for proposals

Note: This search will also pick up calls for papers by journal editors/publishers.

Other options: 

  • Twitter. Use Twitter's Search Engine to find posts about calls for papers or proposals. 
  • Professional list-servs, some of which have search functions if you haven't been following them regularly--or search your email inbox. A Google search will often unearth list-serv postings.

Pay attention to the date the information was posted--unless you have a time machine.