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Write and Manage Citations: Chicago

Get help with citation styles, documenting your sources and keeping track of your research.

Online Resources for Chicago

What is Chicago Style?

Chicago is a documentation syle that has been published by the Chicago University Press since 1906. Chicago style supports two different documentation systems:

  • The Notes and Bibliography style is preferred by many in humanities disciplines, including history, literature, and the arts. Citations are provided in footnotes or endnotes and are usually accompanied by a bibliography.
  • The Author-Date style (sometimes called "Reference List" style) is recommended for the physical, natural, and social sciences.Sources are cited using parenthetical in-text citation and full details are provided in a reference or works cited list.

"Turabian" style, widely used for decades by students, is essentially a simplified version of the Chicago Manual, which, at over 600 pages, is overly complex for the common needs of student researchers.