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Curriculum Mapping: Task 1

Task 1: Take a look at a specific program.

  1. Choose a program in one of your liaison areas, then choose a major/degree program
  2. Make note of any concentrations in that major
  3. Write down/record the following:
  • The required courses for each concentration in the major. Follow up: check to see if the required course is typically offered each semester. You can check the most recent class schedules on the registrar's website. Is there a common course for ALL majors, regardless of concentration?
  • Any information about when the students are required to take the courses. In other words, are students required take the course during a certain year (e.g., sophomore seminar, senior capstone). Are there courses that require a common prerequisite (e.g., organic chemistry)?   Typically, programs will provide a four-year or eight-semester plan for students; even if courses aren't required at a certain time, they might be recommended for certain years.
  • Whether or not there is a research/information literacy component to the course. This information may not be readily available; don't worry if you can't find it at this point. Some programs have detailed course descriptions posted. Some programs have specific research methods courses. 

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