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Curriculum Mapping: Task 3: Let's map!

Now it's time to see how the students' experience in their major connect to the instruction we are offering.  There is a template below to help you structure your map.

Step One: List all the courses you have taught over the years and note the following in your spreadsheet.

  • Is there a stated research component (in the curriculum, course descriptions, etc.) for the course?
  • Is it required for all majors? (this info is usually in the eight-semester plan for the major)
  • Do you offer instruction to this course regularly (in other words, each time it is offered)?
  • Does the same instructor teach this course each year/semester?
  • Do you provide any alternative instruction (course guides, Blackboard module, etc.) to the course?
  • What is the recommended course sequence (if any) for this course (i.e., sophomore, jr. sr.)?

Step Two: In the same spreadsheet, list any courses that you discovered are required for majors--if you haven't listed them already. Answer the same questions in the spreadsheet. 

Step Three: List any courses (if you haven't already) that you provide some sort of supplemental instruction to; this could include a specialized course guide, Blackboard module, podcast, etc.