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Data Management & Dissemination

Getting Started

Go to (direct link below). Enter your WCU email address and select continue.


Screenshot of DMPTool email address field

DMPTool will recognize your institutional affiliation and prompt you to log in through WCU. Click the "Sign in with institution to continue" link to navigate to the WCU single sign-on page.


Screenshot of DMPTool with "Sign in with Institution to Continue" link highlighted

Once logged in, click "Create Plan" and enter a project title, primary research organization (WCU set as default selection), and primary funding organization. If your funding organization is not listed, select "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed."


DMPTool "create new plan" screen

Once you've selected the primary funding organization, DMPTool will populate the "Write Plan" screen with the elements required by the funding organization. If you previously selected "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed," the "Write Plan" screen will be populated with elements commonly required by funding agencies.


Write Plan screen in DMPTool displayed

Complete all sections. Your plan is set to private upon creation. Once you have completed your plan, you have the option to change your visibility settings on the "Finalize/Publish" screen.