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A guide to resources on a variety of subjects within Music.

Search the library's collection for scores

Use the above link to search for music scores in the library's collection. When you click the link, you'll see several search boxes and some options to choose below it. The only option we are interested in is "material type." Choose "Music, Printed" from the list before you hit search. Example:

a section of the advanced search page on the library's website. The section of the search highlighted is for material type. The type of material ringed in red is "music, printed."

Searching for Scores in the Library Catalog

  • Type in part of the title of the work or the form in the Library Catalog search box.
  • When searching for scores, do not perform a title search unless you are 100% certain of the title.
  • Do an author search for a composer, performer, ensemble, or conductor, for example dvorak, pavarotti, kronos quartet, or barenboim.
  • Do a subject search by type or form of composition, such as arias, quintets, or cantatas.
  • Do a subject search using a composer's name to find biographical or critical materials.

Tips for Finding Scores

  • Musical works may have multiple names, such as form name (piano quintet in A major or quintet in A major for piano and strings) and/or popular name, sometimes in several languages (Trout Quintet, Die Forelle, The Trout).
  • Instruments may be described differently. For example, piano or keyboard; cello or violoncello; trumpets or brass; choral or vocal.
  • Individual pieces within a collection may not be listed separately in the library catalog.

Free Scores Online