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Recommended sources for news and current events.

About this guide.

This is a guide to a variety of news sources, including online media, podcasts, and select newspapers and magazines for keeping up with current events.  For a full guide to using newspapers, consult the Newspapers Research Guide.

The news sources we recommend have high standards regarding accurate, thorough, fair, and timely journalism. 

Keep in mind:

  • Most newsrooms (reporters and their sources) lack diversity, which creates limitations in coverage and representation. We have included some African American and Latinx sources on our list.  
  • Almost all major news outlets are for-profit, owned by a major corporation, and have corporate sponsorship and/or advertisers; the sources we recommend are transparent about their ownership or any sponsors. 
  • News sources are not scholarly. Scientific and other disciplinary research takes time to gather, undergo peer review, and is conducted by scholars in the field. Scholarly research is complex and does not lend itself to quick sound bites. In the meantime, journalists will gather the available facts, speak with experts and people experiencing an event, and will follow the research as it becomes available.

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