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Streaming Video at Hunter Library

Streaming Video at Hunter Library

Searching for streaming media

Sample Search: The Silence of the Lambs

Starting on the Library's main page, click on the 'books' link

Search box - What can we help you find?

Search the library catalog just as you would for a book, DVD, etc.

Searchbox - the library catalog

You can see in the results that the library owns the DVD of the film but doesn't show a streaming video option in the results.

Image of search results

After the title is requested by the faculty member and the item is purchased by the library it will be added to the catalog as a separate item. Here is the catalog results list after our film was purchased.

Catalog results after film was purchased

Click on the link for the streaming video option to see the catalog record.

Image - Click on the link for streaming video option

The link in the center of the record links directly to the film on the Swank site. You can right-click on the link and copy it to paste into Bb. If you want to embed the video in your Bb site you will need to contact your subject liaison.

If you have searched the library catalog and do not see a title available for streaming the next step is to search the site of our vendor, Swank Digital Campus. To search for a specific title use the search option in the top right corner.

If the search returns multiple options you should be able to see if the title you want is available.

You can click on the item to verify it is the title you want. If the title is available you can contact your subject liaison about requesting the title for your class.

If an item is not available through Swank you should not see a result for the item. If an item is not available through the library's catalog listings and is not listed on Swank as available then you will need to find another way to have your students view the film.

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