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Guide for English Graduate Students: Journals

We are going to make our own database!

I need a journal related to my area of study.

1. Search a database such as MLA International Bibliography (language and literature) or Academic Search Premier (interdisciplinary) and see what journals are publishing relevant topics.Or try the English Quick Search on the Welcome page of this guide.


2. Use one of the directories on this guide such as Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (see options below):

I need information about a journal.

I need to find an electronic/online journal.

Journals that are published online-only may be open access or they may require subscription fees. Many of the library databases index online-only journals, so you can look them up the same way: by the Journal Title Search in the Library Catalog.

Here's how to figure out if something is online-only:

I need a specific journal.

Once you have a specific journal title, you just need to search for it in the Library Catalog (or the Journals tab on the library's homepage). Or use the search box below.

Search Beyond the Library's Collection

More info

What is Open Access?