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Find a Book and Other Items in the Catalog: Search the Catalog

Useful tips on how to locate books, media, and other items in the library catalog.

To find a book in the catalog...

There are several ways to look for a book in the Library Catalog.  You can look for a book by Title, e.g., The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Wes Moore.  By Author, e.g., Moore Wes (always type the last name first).
You can also search by Keyword (or Topic) or by Call Number.  

There are three important things to remember about an item in a catalog entry - the location, call # and the status.  Once you have determined that the item you need is not checked out (status), look for the book's location, e.g., WCU GENERAL (which would be the ground floor of Hunter Library), and finally, the call number.  The call number is what helps you identify the book in the collection. Here is what the catalog entry looks like for the book The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Wes Moore.

Other Wes Moore catalog record with location, call number, and status emphasized.


If you have a topic...

Do you have a topic but no specific books or authors in mind? Try a Keyword search in the catalog.  For example, your topic is "yoga." So type "yoga" in the search box to kick start your search on the topic of yoga.

DVDs/videos or CDs?

If you would like to browse Hunter Library's DVD/Video or music CD collection, click on the Books tab from the library homepage. 

Library homepage with books tab highlighted by red arrows.



The keyword search in our catalog will then open.  To find your film, enter the name of the film or music CD; if you do not know the title of the film or music CD, use a keyword closely related to the subject matter.  For example, if you are looking for a Tom Hanks movie, enter the keywords Tom Hanks and movie.

Catalog keyword search example.

If you know the book's title or the author's name...

If you know the title of the book, do a Title search for it; alternatively, you can search by name of the author.  Use the dropdown menu to switch your search to Author.  Remember, when you do an Author search you will need to type the last name first and then the first name (e.g. Moore Wes not Wes Moore).

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