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Guide for finding books, articles, data, and other information for anthropology topics

Search Tools

Books and handbooks. Look for ones written by scholars and experts in forensic anthropology. These are great for overviews on a topic as well as guidance for methods and procedures. They will often lead you to other experts and literature on the topic.

To find books, use the Library OneSearch (limit to books/ebooks or book chapters after you search) or the Library Catalog (Books link on Library Homepage). Both are listed at the top of the page



Journal Articles. Forensic anthropologists often share new discoveries via peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals. You can find these via databases such as the ones listed on this guide, including the one-search. Be sure to limit to peer review (or scholarly/peer-reviewed). Scholarly articles are written for other experts, so are less likely to include introductory material.

To find scholarly articles, use one of the search tools listed at the top of this page. Limit or refine your search to scholarly or peer-reviewed.

Examples of scholarly journals:


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