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Online Courses and Remote Locations

The Library actively supports distance education courses and programs. Librarians will provide instruction to classes in remote locations, including the online environment.

How to Schedule Library Instruction

The librarian will need to know:

  • What kinds of research your students are doing in class. Please send a copy of your research assignment(s) to your librarian.

  • What want your students to be able to do by the end of the session (e.g., brainstorm topics, develop search strategies, identify scholarly sources, evaluate websites, locate company information, find primary documents).

  • What stage of research your students will be in at the time of their visit. Library workshops are most effective when the students are in some stage of the research process. Resist the urge to schedule your library session for the first week of classes!

  • When you want to bring your class (see above!). A request for an instruction session must be made at least one week before the session is needed. Scheduling of sessions is dependent on the availability of librarians and the library's electronic classroom. Active participation by the course instructor is important (and required)--your participation helps students understand the connection between information literacy concepts and their course content. Faculty are expected to accompany their classes to the library sessions.

  • How many students are in your class.