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Student-based infographic checklists for data & design visualization best practices. Interactive examples demonstrate effective/ineffective use of visualization principles.


"An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic." - Midori Nediger*


Need to create an infographic for a class or research project?    We’ve created this guide to help you in the process.  The content on these pages is divided into two categories:  data and design. 

  • Data includes any numbers, statistics, charts, or graphs that you want to use in your infographic.  It also includes any other factual information or explanations you plan to put on your infographic. 

  • Design focuses on aesthetics, that is, the look, feel, and flow of the infographic.

The checklist on this page is for you to use as you begin planning your infographic.  For examples of specific considerations for data and design, including examples of good infographics and bad infographics – just click on the buttons to the right. →


*Nediger, Midori. “What Is an Infographic? Examples, Templates, Design Tips.” Venngage. Last modified June 25, 2020.

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Infographics Checklist: Data & Information Considerations

Infographics Checklist

Data & Information Considerations


The superscript numbers in both checklists correspond to the numbered resources found on the "Information Sources" page of this guide. Clicking on the superscript number will take you directly to the source.

Infographics Checklist: Visual & Design Considerations

Infographics Checklist

Visual & Design Considerations