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Create Infographics: Visual & Design Considerations

Student-based infographic checklists for data & design visualization best practices. Interactive examples demonstrate effective/ineffective use of visualization principles.

Compare the two infographics below! The one on the left represents effective visual design. The one on the right represents ineffective visual design. On the infographics, you can hover over the The white i in a purple circle indicates an area where a popup will provide you with more read about why the visualization presented is effective (or not). Also, please note that these infographics are a bit more text-heavy than you might see for marketing or entertainment purposes. The infographics here are designed more to reflect infographics you might create as the result of an undergraduate research or course project.

Effective Design Infographic

                                                                                                            Cryptid Spaceships First Note Second Note Third Note Fourth Note Fifth Note

Ineffective Design Infographic

                                                                                                               Cryptid SpaceshipsTheme and color palette Graphics Organization Charts and graphs Fonts and layout