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Leisure Reading

Hello Summer! Four Panel Image of Summer Days.

Heartsong cover.
Seven Days in June cover.
Behind the Scenes cover.
Call Me Legachi cover.
Two Wrongs Make A Right cover.
Act Your Age, Eve Brown cover.
How to Survive a Modern Day Fairy Tale cover.
Much Ado about Nada cover.
The Singles Table cover.
The Friend Zone cover.

2023-2024 New Romance Titles

Not Bad for a Girl cover.
Red String Theory cover.
Frenemy Fix-up cover.
Borgaz: How the Aliens Were Won cover.
At First Spite cover.
Lovelight Farms cover.
Ready or Not cover.
How You Get the Girl cover.
To Woo and to Wed cover.
Say You'll Be Mine cover.
Neighbor Favor cover.
A Winter In New York cover.
Before I Let Go cover.
Native Love Jams cover.
Born to Be Badger cover.
10 Things that Never Happened cover.
Witch of Wild Things cover.
Wreck the Halls cover.
Housebroke cover.
Four Steps to the Perfect Revenge cover.
Charm City Rocks cover.
Fake It Till You Take It cover.
Business or Pleasure cover.
How to Tame a Wild Rogue cover.