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Find current events, historical news archives, and North Carolina newspapers, past and present.

Online Access

Online Newspapers

When to use the newspaper's free website:

If you just want to browse headlines on today’s edition of a newspaper, search Google for the newspaper’s website. Keep in mind that many newspaper websites have a "pay wall," which means you can only access a certain amount of articles without a personal subscription. 

When to use a library subscription or library database:

If you need access to the entire paper or you need to search a specific topic or find a particular article title. Below is a list of major newspapers that the library subscribes to. Databases work well when you need a diverse range of articles on a specific topic, especially if you need articles from many years ago. Many of our news databases include TV transcripts and other forms of news media.

Newspaper Databases--Search by topic and find a variety of articles from major newpapers.

Selected list of library's online subscriptions to major newspapers (in Alphabetical order)

Search Engines