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World Languages

A guide to language resources at Hunter Library

Spanish Literature, Language & Culture

Use the catalog search box to locate books, media and other library resources available from the WCU, ABC Express (ASU & UNCA), and libraries around the world.

Want to browse the stacks?  Spanish language and literature materials are located in these call number ranges:

  • Spanish Language PC 4001-4977
  • Spanish Literature PQ 6001-8929

Recommended and suggested subscription databases for locating articles related to Spanish literature, language and culture can be found from the WCU Library website:


On each tab you will find a few texts related to Spanish speaking countries to give you an idea of what the library has available. If these items don't fit your needs try a search in the library catalog for your topic.

The library has a number of e-book guides to various parts of the world. Try a catalog search for your country/region and the term 'guide'.

Learning with Parallel Texts

A great way to practicean parallel text search as seen in the library catalog's search box. reading and comprehension is by using parallel texts. These are translated works where the original work is one page and the translation is on the other. In our collection, you'll find novels, short stories, and poetry available as a parallel text.

The easiest way to find them is to search the library catalog using the 'books' tab on the main page. Do a keyword search for "parallel text" (use quotes) + (your language) to see what's available.