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Notice - LibraryAnn available virtually, via email, Zoom, all kinds of ways!

Email Ann Hallyburton at and let her know as much as you can about your information need.  She will email you back (usually very, very quickly).  If you are wanting to virtually meet up, just let her know days/times you would be available (may be able to meet near-immediately).  Virtual meetings with your full group can also be set up.

All-in-One HHS Article Search

Searches MEDLINE, CINAHLPsycINFO& more.
Start with 2 to 4 words about topic.
Email Ann Hallyburton at or contact the library if you have trouble.

Can't get at the full text of something you want?  First, make sure you've tried finding the article in the HHS All-in-One Article Search box (following this description, and throughout this help guide).  There will be a "PDF Full Text"  or "Find Full Text" link following the information about the article.  

If you get the "PDF Full Text" link, click that and the full text should open right up.  

If you only get the purple "Find Full Text" link, click that.  A link to get at the electronic full text or, in some cases, information on how to find the print version in the library will come up.  However, if such links do not show, then click the "No full text available? Try Interlibrary Loan" link that does show after clicking "Find Full Text." 

If you are prompted to log into Interlibrary Loan, just use your regular Catamount (student) or WCU (employee) ID and password.

The All-in-One search box allows you to search healthcare, psychological, and related resources like MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, SocINDEX, SPORTDiscus, Academic Search Complete, and more, all at one time. You can use it whenever you need to find articles. You will also find some electronic books through this search.  

To find articles, search with 2 to 4 of the most important words on your topic in the All-in-One box.  If you are off the Cullowhee campus, log in with your Catamount or WCU ID and password when prompted.

Look through your first page or two of results and grab what you like. Look for title or subject words in articles you like most and use those words to further refine the search if you do not see many results that interest you.  Do NOT worry if your search focus changes as you find new research; that's normal and good.

Use limiting options like "Full Text," "Scholarly(Peer-Reviewed)," and "Publication Date" under "Refine Results." Warning, the "Full Text" option sometimes mistakenly removes results that are really available online. 

If you feel you are seeing too many results that do not focus directly on your topic, look to the left of your search results.  Under “Refine Results,” “Current Search,” find “Also search within the full text of the articles.”  Click the X beside “Also search within the full text of the articles” and go through narrowed results.  

Resources we do not have access to online can usually be obtained easily through the Interlibrary Loan service. To find full text, click "PDF Full Text" or "Find Full Text" links. If we do not have what you need, click "No full text available? Try Interlibrary Loan" after clicking "Find Full Text."

To save citations, click “Add to folder.” Click the top folder icon to email or download selections before exiting.  When emailing, specify a citation format (AMA, APA, etc.) by selecting the "Citation Format" option - do not trust 100%!

If searching with 2 to 4 words or concepts does not get you what you need, contact Ann Hallyburton ( or try these more advanced search strategies using Boolean search logic:

  • and between words you want to appear - speech and therapy       
  • or between words that have similar meanings - therapy or treatment     
  • * asterisk for multiple endings - nurs* to get nurse, nursing, nurses, etc.
  • () parentheses to use and/or together - (older or aged) and therap*
  • "" quotation marks for words to appear in specific order - "lateral epicondylitis"
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